Club Rental Policy

Traveling Caddy customers must use a valid credit card to reserve golf clubs. Customers must enter their credit card information on this secured site, or give the information to a Traveling Caddy representative over the phone. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance of the rental date. Credit cards will be charged the full amount of the rental when the reservation is made, but all reservations are fully refundable if canceled at least 24 hours prior to the rental date. We do not give refunds or credit for early rental returns.

Cancellations are accepted at any time up to 9 am on the rental start date for a full refund on all reservations made within 7 days. Reservations made more than 7 days in advance require cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the rental start date for a full refund. Same day reservations are not refundable after the reservation has been made. Reservations can be canceled by email or phone. No cash refunds.

Customers agree to pay for any damage to our rental clubs that is not considered normal wear and tear. Traveling Caddy reserves the right to reasonably determine what is beyond normal wear and tear of our rental clubs. All rental clubs are inspected by a Traveling Caddy representative before and after every reservation. Customers are advised to inspect all rental clubs for damage prior to any use. Please contact Traveling Caddy with any club damage or discrepancies to report before taking the rental clubs into your possession.

Customers are responsible for reporting any damage or loss to rental clubs while in their possession. Failure to report any damage or loss of rental clubs will result in the customer’s credit card being charged for any necessary club repairs or replacements. The amount charged for damaged or lost clubs will be the exact amount of the repair or replacement. Before any damage or replacement charges are made, Traveling Caddy will discuss the fees with the customer prior to their credit card being charged.

Rental clubs must be returned by the rental end date of the reservation. Customers will be charged the daily rate for each additional day any rental clubs are not returned after the rental end date. We ask that customers contact Traveling Caddy to inform us of any rental clubs being kept beyond their rental end date. If we are unable to contact the customer within 48 hours of the rental end date, the customer will be charged the full replacement cost of the rental clubs.