Golf Club Rentals in Scottsdale and Phoenix- Popular Questions and Answers

October 13, 2019 Stephen Garrison

Golf Club Rentals in Phoenix and Scottsdale- Popular Questions and Answers
Our aim at Traveling Caddy is to offer a hassle free golf club rental experience at the lowest prices in the valley. Part of being hassle free is to try to answer any possible questions without you having to reach out to us. Here are some Questions and Answers to many popular questions:
Q- What is the return process like? How do I get the clubs back to you?
A- We pick the clubs back up from the same place that we dropped them off at whether that’s your hotel, house, or rental property. We will discuss the exact time of pickup upon or before delivery as we understand timing can fluctuate. We pick the clubs up after your last round of play or the next morning depending what works for everybody. If you have a different pickup destination just let us know over the phone or in the notes on your order.
Q- Do I need to be present at the hotel for delivery?
A- No, you do not have to be there when we deliver the clubs to your hotel. We will deliver your clubs to either the bell desk or the front desk of your hotel with your last name on the bag tags and they will store them for you.  In some cases we can also call you when we arrive and meet you in the lobby, or deliver them to your hotel room if it’s easily accessible and timing works out for everybody. Same process works for pickup of the clubs at the hotel, you can simply return them to the front desk and we will come pick them up.
Q- Do you deliver to golf courses?
A- Upon special request and depending on our delivery schedule we may be able to deliver or pickup at the golf course. We prefer to hand the clubs off/ pick clubs up directly from you since the golf course typically won’t supervise the clubs sufficiently. To do this we ask for a little more communication- for example texting/ email/ calling us for pickup when you’re on hole 16 or so to give us time to get to the course to meet you. ( Majority of time it’s best for us to deliver/pick the clubs up from a house or hotel because of our busy schedule) Please contact us prior to placing an order for golf course deliveries.
Q- What cities do you deliver golf club rentals to in Arizona?
A- We deliver to all cities on our cities list which you can find on our “Rent Clubs” tab and scrolling down.  If your city is not on our list and you have a larger type order, we can typically fulfill your order but please give us a call first if your city is not on the list.
Q- Do you have a minimum order amount?
A- Yes, we have a 2 set OR 2 day minimum order. All single set single day orders will be canceled and refunded. If you are combining two separate single set single day orders please let us know in the notes so we don’t cancel your order. 
Q- What are your hours of delivery/ pickup?
A- Our driver’s hours of delivery/ pickup are between 6am- 6pm. If you’d like to inquire about a time outside of that timeframe please contact us.
Q- Can you deliver the afternoon/ evening before our first round of play?
A- Yes, we can typically deliver your golf club rentals the evening prior and you are only charged starting your first day of play.


  • Thomas Herdeman

    Feb 26, 2022

    I’ll be arriving in Phoenix early Tuesday morning March 15th. I’ll be staying at a VRBO rental starting the 15th after 4 PM. I’m planning a week long club rental. I’d like to get the clubs sometime in the morning of the 15th and possibly get a round in before I check into the VBRO. Is there a way we could make that happen. Thank you in advance for any information you can give me. Tom

  • Randy Buchanan

    Feb 17, 2022

    Do u have ladies left handed clubs…

  • Linda Tanella

    Aug 08, 2021

    Do you have petite clubs available?

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