Golf Tips


June 06, 2016 Stephen Garrison

If you are looking how to custom fit a set of golf clubs, there are 4 areas that you will need to address: shaft flex, shaft length, lie angle, and grip size. Your shaft flex is determined by your swing speed. If your swing is between 70mph-90mph,then you need a regular flex driver, 90mph -105 mph is stiff flex, and anything above 105 mph is extra stiff. The next area to look at is how to determine the correct shaft length for your custom golf clubs. Your correct length can't be determined based solely off of your height. Some taller...

Rent, Ship or Carry-On? How to Travel With Golf Clubs

April 25, 2016 Ryan O'Connor

Where we’re from, the sunny season is already in full swing. This is the time of year when golfers from colder climates flock to Arizona, looking to escape the snow-covered confines of home and get a head start on the golf season. (Not to gloat, or anything. When it climbs past 110 degrees in Phoenix, you can bet we’ll be somewhere on the East Coast, artificially extending our own golf season.) If you’ve ever tried to fit in a round of golf while on vacation, you likely had to work out the logistics of how to travel with golf clubs....

3 Easy Putting Tips From Jordan Spieth

April 21, 2016 Stephen Garrison

You've heard the phrase "drive for show, putt for dough." This phrase has never been more exemplified than the recent rise of Jordan Spieth to the top of the golfing world. Spieth is currently ranked 75th on the PGA Tour in driving distance, and yet he is the #1 ranked player in the world. Jordan is far from his best tee to green - his final day at this year's Master's can attest to that - yet he continued to sink every putt he saw inside 10 feet. I decided to take a look into Spieth's technique to see if I...