When Is The Best Time For A Golf Trip To Arizona?

October 12, 2017 Stephen Garrison

Arizona has rapidly become a world class golf destination for travelers from all over the globe. With over 200 golf courses in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area to choose from, it's easy to find a course that suits the tastes off all golfers. From picturesque desert courses to rolling hills and tree lined fairways, golfers have a vast array of options to choose from. Choosing which course to play is only part of the battle as travelers plan their golf trip to Arizona. Another important decision is what season to choose for an Arizona golf trip. There are substantial benefits to all four seasons that make Arizona a top rated golf destination all year long.

A friend recently asked me what season was the best to come take a golf trip to Arizona. Little did he know that I needed to ask him about 15 questions before I could give him a precise answer. I'll give a more brief explanation below of some of the best times to take a golf trip to Arizona.

This is the pinnacle time of the year for weather and course conditions. Fairways are green and lush and greens are smooth and pristine. The green landscape paired with desert surrounding is a truly unique golf outing. Perfect conditions only add to the experience. With the perfect conditions come all kinds of events and nightlife including the Waste Management Open, the first week in February (also super bowl week), and Spring Training throughout late February and all of March. Golf aside, this is my favorite time of the year in Arizona because of the perfect weather and robust event schedule. With the perfect conditions come the ceiling of prices. Golf rates range from about $100 to $300 depending on where you play with Scottsdale having most of the top tier courses. To sum up, I told him to come during this time if he wanted to experience the absolute best Arizona has to offer, no matter the price. 

December-Early January
When most of the East and Canada is blanketed with snow during this time, we get many customers coming to Arizona to defrost and play some golf. Along with mild temperatures, the winter grass starts to be grown in enough to cut down so course conditions really start improving in December. You can also find some really great rates at courses during this time. Rates start to rise after the first week of January and top out in March.

As a local I can handle the heat, and as a morning person I can get out before it gets too hot and finish a round before 10am for pennies on the dollar. Yes the conditions of the course deteriorates as the temperatures rise but at many of the courses they still keep conditions well worth playable. Just make sure to check the aerification schedule of the courses that you want to play. You will want to give the course at least 2 weeks to recover from the process before you go play it. A couple courses that I definitely recommend to play are Troon North and The Boulders during this time. The courses cost upwards of $275 in prime season and can play them for $60-$70 during the summer.

This is my favorite time of the year to golf in Arizona. While you get the mild temperatures, the rates are about 25% less than peak season. In mid and late September you can take advantage of summer rates with temperatures in the mid 90's which is sweater weather for locals. The main thing to keep in mind for this season is to check the over seeding schedule of the courses that you want to play. Most courses over seed in late September or early October. I recommend looking for places that have two different courses because they can do one at a time while keeping the other course open. This includes courses like Talking Stick, Kierland, Camelback, Phoenician, and many more.

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